Follow Beyond a Book's fourth adventure as Sara migrates with the monarchs and connects the migration to classrooms with adventure-linked education.

The Migration

The monarch migration is a multi-generational, multinational migration sure to be one of the World's greatest natural wonders.

The Bicycle Adventure

In March 2017, the bicycle team will leave the monarch butterfly wintering grounds in central Mexico and follow the butterflies on a round-trip, 10,000 mile bicycle tour to learn from the monarchs and the people protecting them.

ButterBike and Education

ButterBike is connecting the monarch's story to students though classroom presentations, field trips, videos, conservation and more.

Discover the Migration

Current (ish) Stats

(As of May 18, 2017)

Current Location: Omaha, NE

Miles Ridden:  2,605 miles

Number of Flat Tires: 2

Number of monarchs seen (not at sanctuaries):

  • 76 adults
  • 8 car-killed adults,
  • 31 eggs
  • 115 caterpillars

Events Calendar

Interested in ButterBike's education opportunities? Watch my introduction video and then sign up!

Confused on the details of the monarch migration? Check out my super short video highlighting why it is one of the world's most incredible natural wonders.