After "butterbiking" 10,201 miles with the monarch butterflies, Sara finished her fourth Beyond a Book adventure. She is currently writing a book about her trip in an effort to continue to be a voice for the monarchs and inspire future adventurers, scientists, and monarch stewards.

The Migration

The monarch migration is a multi-generational, multinational migration sure to be one of the World's greatest natural wonders.

The Bicycle Adventure

From March to December 2017, Sara followed the monarch butterflies from their overwintering grounds in central Mexico to Canada and back. She used her 10,201 mile bicycle trip to be a voice and spotlight for monarchs and conservation efforts.

ButterBike and Education

Sara, the ButterBiker, visited over 50 schools and nature centers, showing over 9,000 students what a real-life scientist, conservationist, and adventurer looks like.

Discover the Migration

ButterBike Stats

  • 10,201 miles/ 16.417 km

  • 4 flat tires

  • Number of monarchs on route:

    • 722 adults

    • 82 car-killed adults

    • 252 eggs

    • 245 caterpillars

    • Story told to 9,140 folks

Interested in ButterBike's education opportunities? Watch my introduction video and then sign up!

Confused on the details of the monarch migration? Check out my super short video highlighting why it is one of the world's most incredible natural wonders.