ButterBike Watercolor Prints

Support Beyond A Book's projects by ordering watercolor prints made during ButerBike. The prints come on 8x11 heavy cardstock, with white borders to keep images in proportion. Each one will be signed by me, the real life ButterBiker! 

Prices (include shipping/handling and my super sloppy signature)

  • 1 for $20
  • 3 for $30
  • 6 for $50
  • 12 for $80

ButterBike Custom Towels

After visiting El Rosario, the largest and most visited monarch sanctuary in Mexico, I found an amazing family that was brave enough to make me custom towels in their traditional cross-stitch  style. Order yours now!

$15 each plus $5 shipping/handling (or free shipping with an order of watercolor prints).

Want More? Want something extra original?

Please contact us if you are interested in making a donation to receive a original, watercolor postcard (or larger painting) from the road, and help us link to schools,  host our website, and make videos. Examples below: