Remembering the years of Halloweens past, it began like this: At a young age there were big bird costumes and baseball uniforms, and small pails for my candy from which mother would confiscate some. In high school I had a light-up sword and a black cape but most importantly a pillowcase for candy. It would be filled up after a successful night and if I ate it slow enough it would last until new years. In college, Halloween took place at house parties and candy was not the highlight, kegs of beer took their place. It’s after college and we’re on the road so what will we do for our Halloween celebration? Who knows what we’ll do Halloween night, but in the meantime we’ve produced this quite short video which conveys the season’s spirit.

One of our stops recently was in Silver Lake, OH, where we spoke at schools and stayed with a family we met in Wyoming. One of their sons, Rupert, is the master of tinkering and building things. When we got to the house the entire yard was covered in Halloween decorations and he was in the garage working on his fog machines. We liked the look of this and planned to have some fun later than evening using the fog machine as a prop. When we shot the video the wind was unfortunately blowing in the opposite direction so the fog doesn’t show up, but you should have seen it fill up the front yard. As it was, the red lights and decorations set the scene. A few practices and we got what we were looking for. Elements of the presentation were inspired by real life figures. Can you guess the character Matt is playing?