Lewis and Clark: Comparing Our Adventures

This week On The River travels down the Missouri River on the part most unchanged since the time of Lewis and Clark. Here we explore the similarities and differences between our adventure and the adventure of Lewis and Clark.

Grades: 4-8


  • MO State Standard  3a: Knowledge of continuity and change in the history of Missouri and the United States
  • B. Knowledge of the ways Missourians have interacted, survived and progressed from the distant past to present times 
  • F.Westward Expansion and settlement in the US 
  • H. Reform movements 

Supplemental Work:

  • Make a map and keep a journal like Lewis and Clark did. Pick two points in or around your school. Have students explore a route while making a map and keeping a journal to document what they found.
  • Read more about Lewis and Clark, then watch our video again to find even more differences and similarities.
  • Use a Venn Diagram to chart similarities and differences between the two adventures (or another adventure).