Herpeta-What!!: Discovering the Difference Between Reptiles and Amphibians

This week we learn about Sara's FAVORITE animals: herpetafauna. We will learn about the similarities and differences between reptiles and amphibians and about the herpetologists that study them. WARNING: this video contains CUTE animals.

Grades: 3-12


  • 3-LS3.B: Variation of Traits
  • MS-LS4.A: Evidence of Common Ancestry and Diversity

Supplemental Work:

  • Pick your favorite reptile or amphibian, draw it and label the features that make it a reptile or an amphibian.
  • Think about all the reasons people are scared of snakes (In Harry Potter the "bad" guys are represented by snakes, in books snakes are always scary, our parents are scared of snakes). Write a first person narrative from the perspective of a snake explaining its behavior and how to best deal with snakes so no one gets hurt.
  • Write a letter to the On The River crew telling them about your positive experiences with herpetafauna.