Preparing For Winter: How plants and animals adapt to the cold

This week on the river we look at how animals have adapted to cold weather. Trees, mammals, snakes, birds, butterflies, AND us paddlers are all preparing for winter!

Grade: 3-10


  • 3-LS4-C: Adaptation
  • MS-LS4-C: Adaptation
  • MS-LS4-B: Natural Selection
  • HS-LS4- C: Adaptation

Supplemental Work:

  • Draw your favorite animal and lists its adaptations. How does it deal with extreme weather.
  • Pick an animal near your school and determine if it migrates. If it does map its route.
  • Imagine a strange world and then invent ways organisms in your world might adapt to these new conditions. (ie the ground is lava so all the trees have thick rubber roots so that they don't burn up)
  • Draw or write 5 ways humans keep warm in the winter. Do all humans keep warm in the same ways?